The best selfie sticks you can buy in 2018

If you've said, "I wouldn't be caught dead using a selfie stick," but now you want to know The best selfie sticks you can buy in 2018, you may end up eating your words. Sure, these little extension devices can be annoying when someone swings their smartphone inches from your face while trying to line up a selfie stick photo, clueless ignoring everyone else nearby.

But if you can move past the sometimes negative feelings you have about the selfie stick and learn to use one properly, there's no question a selfie stick does what it promises to do. That's why we've come up with a guide to the best selfie sticks you can buy.

A selfie stick is an improvement on the idea of a mono-pod, which is a simple stick that connects to a camera. Whereas the mono pod helps the photographer hold a camera steady by supporting some of its weight, the selfie stick's design aims to extend the reach of the human arm to produce a better angle from the camera to the subject. The stick allows you to create an angle to fit more objects in the scene, including the person shooting the photo. When you shoot a photo where you're also in the photo, it's called a selfie.

If you only want to shoot photos of landmarks or of the rest of the family, and you have no desire to appear in the photos you're shooting, you probably don't need a selfie stick. But if you'd like to be in the photo, too, a selfie stick works great with your smartphone.

Although there are selfie sticks that can support larger digital cameras, such as DSLRs, the weight of the large camera makes the selfie stick unsteady. You may not want to risk breaking a large camera by placing it at the end of a shaky selfie stick. In that case, you'd be better served placing the large camera on a sturdy tripod and using a remote shutter or using the self-timer feature to give you time to move into the scene.

Here are the best selfie sticks you can buy:

The best selfie sticks you can buy in 2018